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BTS reaction to you locking yourself in the bedroom after a fight Rap Monster:After a heated fight between the two of you the sentence “What was I thinking when I chose to date you” escaped out of the BTS Reaction - Another Member Teasing You Because You Couldn’t Walk Thinking You Had A Rough Night CONTEXTYou grabbed your back in pain as your muscles ached all over. Thank you ☾ ☾ ☾ BTS reaction to you stretching and moaning loudly. Warning: Smut! A/N: All members reaction to s/o taking their hand and putting it down there while whispering something dirty and needy. You hadn’t mentioned your daddy kink to him, but nor did he. Thankkkkkss~~~~ request by btsgot7dream!! BTS Reaction to cock warming –NSFW– In case you don’t know what cock warming is i’ll explain it. GUYS YOONGI WITH GRAY HAIR IS AMAZING AND DARK HAIRED JIMIN IS BACK!!!!! okay anyway idk what I was thinking but I personally like this reaction~ Credit to the original gif owners! Heya I'm back guys I did a got7 version before and I thought why not do a bts version right okay hope you like it tho . I know we’ve been missing for quite a while, but finals were killer this year. when he met you,he fell head over heals. we had a very meaningful engagement with the senior leaders that brought to surface fundamental challenges. ”. So then can I ask for a bts reaction for when they BTS Reaction to S/O imitating their selfies Situation: He is bored so he goes through your posts in hope to find something embarrassing and there he’ll find it. duhh, but here you go anyways. It’s when the male puts his dick inside of the female but doesn’t move, it’s to give a feeling of warmth and being able to be as close as physically possible when f. The Argument | BTS Reaction; Summary: You and your boyfriend had a huge argument, it ended up with him yelling at you in a way you’d never seen him do before and he ended up scaring you. BTS reaction to their S/O throwing up after dinner all of the time . A/N: so this was requested. I hope you have a good day wherever you are in this world! x. * -X Jin: *I don’t think he’ll know what it is at first, but he’ll keep going anyways nothing thinking much BTS reaction to them hitting you/ pushing you during an argument Requested by anon. . BTS Reaction - Saying I love You For The First Time It isn’t uncommon for your boyfriend to show up at your apartment when he got done working, so you aren’t surprised when there’s a knock at your BTS Reaction To Hearing You Snoring. Your high-pitched staccato squeaks alone is Could I request a yandere bts scenario or reaction (any member) where their girlfriend is arrested for getting into a fight in a club after the defied bts and snuck out of the house. We know it is taking a while to get these up, but hopefully our posts are worth the wait. [[MORE]]Kim Namjoon Your thighs You did as he wanted you to thinking he might just want to kiss or something but you were surprised when he grabbed you leading you inside your bedroom before growling at you to get on your knees. Anonymous said: Can you do a BTS reaction when their little sister sneaks to there bed at night because she watch a scary movie and she can't sleep (she is like 15)? BTS reaction to you picking them up at the bar A/N: I’m back from camp, and have been sleeping for two days straight. Namjoon scrolling through fanfic about him and Jin kissing Jhope Finishes a fanfic and he finally gets a In all honestly, you were self-conscious about your body. I am not feeling so well lately and making these reactions really lightens up my day and positively distracts me from all the study stress that I have these last days >. He peeked inside the bedroom seeing you sleeping and snoring extremly loud “ah jagi, i love you but, i cant have any of this when i`m having my beauty sleep”. “No. Anonymous requested: “Someone’s thinking about you!” He exclaims with a boop on your nose. Smut Anon Request Yoongi The first time you decided to stomp your foot and pout in the most childish way, crossing your arms as you whine at you’re Read This 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Bts react to you have big boobs Helloo! Can i have a one or two sentence of Bts reacting to you having big boobies?? With a gif too. He knew he should comfort you, and he would- any second now, but not before teasing you about it first. Taehyung winked at you as he noticed your reaction. BTS Reaction | You getting jealous Each reaction is written in a different era, plus a little bit of my imagination. Anonymous said: Could you do a BTS reaction where you are innocently doing something innocently and they think dirty? Answer: heehee this was fun to write – i hope you enjoy and thank you for the BTS REACTION TO YOU FAINTING Part 1 / Part 2 Kim Seokjin Being a dancer, you were always pushing yourself past your limits. If you don’t feel comfortable reading it, please don’t click ‘read more’. Requests are Open! I will do anything from videos to lock screens to photo edits, etc. Fan-Meet | BTS Reaction; Summary: You go to a fan meeting, finally getting your chance to see the man you loved - after being away for so long with work and everything, your relationship had only been through a number of Skype and phone calls, along with a few Snapchats and texts. Suga. anonymous asked: Bts reacts to you flinching during a heated argument with them? I’ve seen this one a lot but I want to know how my favorite writer will have this down ^^ authors note: you are so sweet holy shit, and i hope i did this justice haha (my name is justis what a pun ok bye bye) Yandere!BTS reaction to innocent and obiedient s/o. Do it angsty and fluffy pls<3″ BTS Reaction ↴ Hearing You Sing For The First Time. it doesn’t make you weak, no one BTS Mafia! Reaction to you being drunk and not recognizing them Kim Seokjin/ Jin Jin would be very confused when he heard loud bangs come from downstairs, pulling his gun he walked downstairs to be BTS reacting to you twerking. Jungkook was walking past the bedroom when he overheard you mumbling to yourself. Jin ~ He’d smile, thinking that you were the most adorable think. ” you said with an overly calm voice. He couldn’t understand why you were so shy and quiet w/ him but w/ your bts mafia reaction: part 2 you’re pregnant and try to leave them (hyung line) part 1 maknae line part 2 masterlist jin Jin chuckled while he walked up the drive way of your shared home. BTS reaction to you being needy. BTS Reaction: Them finishing quickly due to it being so long since they’ve had sex with their s/o (SMUT) Anon Request Yoongi You felt him fill you up over and over as his thrusts became harder, making Also, since I see him as one of the clingier members of BTS, I definitely think he would also love the physical attention aspect. Many thanks to BTS for their out-of-the box thinking and for being part of DBS’ transformational journey. GOT7 reaction: You flinch in a fight Request: Can you do a got7 reaction where you flinch during a fight/argument thinking they were going to hit you? A/N: @goldenalienn thank you so much for your (I`m making you as their gf) Kim Seokjin/Jin: Jin would be eating breakfeast (he made himself of course) and would hear weird noises coming from the bedroom. Their reaction to you killing yourself to escape the torture. Your eyes had widen when you saw it was about jungkook, pulling the phone closer to your face, the headline read ‘BTS Jungkook In A Relationship With One Of His Fans!’ at first you thought nothing of it, thinking they were talking about you, since you technically were one of his fans, but as you scrolled down what you thought would be cute Anonymous said: Bts reaction to you catching them kissing someone else but they didn't want her at all but you're still very upset PLEASE Answer: I’m girlfriend zoning this. I mean both party agree, sexual kink. When they did you immediately noticed Taehyung was wearing round rimmed glasses, your favorite. His face would automatically look worried and he’d pull you close to him and look at your face. alright. You came back to your home, only to see Jin, your roommate, trying to hide something guiltily. The item didn’t have much value to it, and you reassured him that it was alright. Jin ~ When he first found out, he would be kind of bts reaction to: you flinching during a fight. BTS Reaction ┊ You don't wear a bra around him for the first time Request: wait you don’t have to do this request but can you write one where you don’t wear your bra in front of them for the first Mafia!BTS Reaction: You Know Their Secret (Hyung Line) Maknae Line | Masterlist Anonymous asked: Do you take reaction requests?? If so could u do a bts reaction where theyre in the mafia and try to BTS Reaction: You think you are ‘fat’ or ‘chubby’ First off, I’d like to say that I doubt any of them would care if you were plus sized and would still love you the same! Read BTS REACTION : When You Think That They Are Cheating from the story BTS reactions by jiminieraa (emmaa) with 9,391 reads. Request - open a/n: this is my second bts reaction, i hope you enjoy. He could vaguely remember screaming at you and making you cry when he believed the rumors of you cheating on him with Jungkook were true. Thank you for requesting, I hope I’ll not disappoint you. You’d have to say it twice to get his attention. BTS reaction to their S/O’s lips tasting like something sweet. He knew he had you and couldn’t be more happy. Be sure to check out some of the links below, and see what reactions are open before sending some in! So you shouldn’t be thinking things BTS Reaction// Finding out you play piano ( This is for my stars @sapphicsorrowfulsoul My sweet enjoy your fluffy. BTS Reaction to their girlfriend laughing like them. We got this Jin. BTS Reaction: You Cry on Stage. JIN You uncontrollable start to slightly shake as you ride him, you stop because it becomes slightly embarresing and overbearing at once. Point blank. JIN. Read BTS reaction: You being shipped with the other member (Idol! au!) his mouth. I feel like it would go something like this. Perfection isn’t humanely possible, and idols are very much humane too. BTS Reaction to your child telling you they don’t love you For Anon, I hope this works for you~Seokjin Jin was a sweetheart. So basically she has called them and asked to be picked up from jail. ” J-Hope/Jung Hoseok. Before you fell he cought you and called your name “y/n, y/n!” He called your name and shook you. Jungkook. Seokjin: Jin loved to cook for you, Hobi was trying to practice the new dance choreography for BTS’ upcoming comeback but just as he’d start dancing all he’d be thinking about would be you. Which got his attention straight away, but noticed you looking BTS Reactions: When You Had a Bad Day Seokjin/Jin Jin’s such a mother hen when people are upset. BTS Reaction to him being ‘too big’ Anon Requested: Hii, can you please do BTS reaction during the first time and you have a little ‘trouble’ and you say it’s 'too big’ ? I hope this is what you were looking for! I was having kind of a hard time writing 7 different reactions so I apologize if they sound kind of similar. (And he would think you were just too adorable!). him being on tour and doing interviews resulted in you being very conscious in his sleep and refusing to call the, late at night. BTS reaction to your american friends not understanding why you would date a Korean Jin: He’d be more than upset. Originally posted by softfluffytae. I mean it`s kinda angsty, but that`s about it. You also didn’t plan for the evening to go the way it did, but Welcome to «Missing You Café»! BTS reactions --> see below (pls note: this is not a professional reaction blog, I just do that every once in a while when I'm bored :) that's why I also don't take requests, sorry) BTS Reaction to You Standing in the Rain Alone. When he did hear you the second time, he’d of course stop and ask if you were okay. But not all eras are specified. Jin / Kim Seokjin. BTS reaction to accidentally saying something hurtful to their S/O. O. BTS Reaction: When you get thicker Jin: You came out the bathroom from finishing you makeup and started getting dressed. BTS reaction to them officially confirming their relationship with BTS reaction to you losing your voice. Anon request: Can you please do “BTS reacts to their s/o being jealous over them” RM: Namjoon was flattered. BTS - Reaction to you wanting to kiss them on the cheek but they turn around so it lands on their lips Seokjin:he would be shy at first, but once he sees you blushing and smiling he forgets it and BTS: Reaction to their crush being mistaken as their girlfriend •Jin: You two were walking through the super market, looking for snacks and sugary drinks for your movie night at the dorm. You’d only been going out with Yoongi for a few months and you were scared to do anything, in case he didn’t appreciate your body. BTS Reaction- You Being Extremely Loud w/ Friends, but Not w/ Them requested by anon. After just getting over a cold, Jin insisted you BTS Reaction you collapsing from PTSD A/N: Thank you to the lovely @fuckmeupbetch for the request! Also, I’m sorry my reactions are always so long, I keep thinking of mini oneshot ideas instead of BTS Yandere! Mafia! AU. A/N: It honestly feels so good to write reactions and post reactions again! I hope to post more of the often, especially since you baby stars like them so much. As for you stressing a lot, he would definitely want to be there for you and would try to help you in any way, and get you whatever help you might need. Warning: This reaction contains a very sensitive topic. V. (BTS Yandere Mafia AU) Warning : This has dark themes and explicit mentions of self harm and suicide, as well as rape. TRIGGERS: SEXUALLY HARRASSMENT JINYou were at a cafe, with Jin. You would feel somebody other than your boyfriend staring at you when you bent over. 25 Jul 2018 BTS reacting to accidentally insulting you during an argument - the That him telling you he needed space, meant you thinking he broke up  18 Jul 2019 BTS Reaction: You distance yourself from them because you're afraid of being hurt I was worried you were thinking bout leaving me. Not only that, but he hadn’t even bought the groceries you had asked him to bring home with him. BTS Reaction to you noticing their werewolf eyes change color when horny. ‘Could you do a bts reaction where there girlfriend is involved in a car crash and she’s in hospital now, and one of the doctors is calling the boys?’ So guys i want to try a new thing in the reactions let me know please if you like them if you don’t i can do them again ♥ HOPE YOU LIKE IT! BTS reaction- Seeing you after the break up Anon asked: “Hi hi. Kim Taehyung/V: Tae would worry a lot, thinking if you had been taking by aliens or even worse! Being alone somewhere crying,cold and its dark and its just like in the movies. Snatching the shower head from its rightful place, you immediately direct the water right where you wanted it. he knew he loved you the minute he saw you. BTS reaction to one of their twins feeling left out . Originally posted by hoseokwhy. bts reacts: you sleep in his hoodie anon asked: can i request bts reactions to you sleeping in their hoodie because it smells like them? Thanks xx note: i try to keep these gender neutral, so if i use So when you were sitting in your bedroom, thinking about all the things that had to be done before you moved cities, you felt yourself falling in too deep into your thoughts. You already tried leaving him before so he enhanced the protection around you but this time you outsmarted him. At first he was trying to just shake it off and focus on the choreography but every time he’d fail at that and would eventually end up calling you over to the dance studio. cerulyice:. Thank you for the request! <3. warnings: swearing, hints at smut, lowercase is intentional, unedited. Properly hasn’t eaten for a long time. BTS Reaction To You Lifting Something Too Heavy For You Jin: Jin came into the room just as you were struggling to put away the huge bag of rice you’d bought at the store. BTS Reaction: You Get Catcalled A/N: Hellloooo I hope everyone’s day was great enjoy! uuhhhh this was less of a comfort the reader and more of a scare the cat-caller away. BTS Reaction ↴You Accidentally Turn Them Ongenre: smut warnings: yeah, obviously smut haha Seokjin:Cuddling with your boyfriend and having a movie night was the perfect way to end the day. Jin had came into the bedroom around that time to see you semi-struggling to BTS Mafia Reaction: When you get scared of them after you see them murder someone You’re insane for even thinking about forgiving him but you love this man so Yandere!Bts reaction to you using your safe word Namjoon: This daddy was too into it to hear you at first. request: “Bts reaction to them hurting you (the reader) verbally (like saying something hurtful) and inmediatly regret it when they see you cry. requested by anon. Bts reaction to you walking in on them showering Gif reaction when you enter the shower while they are showering. BTS mafia reaction: Disrespecting them infront of their gang. He’d smile when he noticed that you were only in your BTS Reacts to you giving them a blowjob This is my first time writing smut in a long time so hopefully it doesn’t completely suck! Thanks to the anon who requested! Bts reaction to you being sleepy after being angry Taehyung: Most people tried to control the anger in fear of their violent action but you? You tried to control it because the angrier you got the BTS Reaction To You Doing Squats “I wrote this while wearing a face mask and listening to coffee shop sounds Lyna ” Jin : He’d be in the middle of cooking dinner when he would walk out into the living BTS reaction #004: You not being able to sleep Genre: Fluff Seokjin: He’d probably ask you why you hadn’t fallen asleep, if anything was wrong. Thank You so much for requesting senpai. Thanks for the request!:) Hope you like it <3. note * I don’t think any of them would ever do that, but as I got this request for a reaction, I’ll do it ^-^* You BTS Reaction to Finding Out That Your Neck Is Sensitive I have been thinking that it would be really nice to get to know y’all better an to also tell you a BTS Reaction: You Meet His Parents For The First Time Jin: The front door went, your heart stopped for a few moments. You did it without hesitation, too excited to J-Hope : Oh my gad ! *Dances everywhere* Now, come kiss your Oppa babe ! We'll celebrate that ! After, I'll tell everyone that you called me like that ! BTS’ Reaction To You Crying Because You’re Nervous About Getting Shots At The Doctors♡ (Requested) Kim Seokjin The two of you would be sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office and Jin could request: Can you do a bts reaction to cockwarming? - BTS reaction to cockwarmingrequest: Can you do a bts reaction to cockwarming? Thank you author’s note: I’ve wanted to make this one for a long time, I just needed someone to kick me to work REQUESTS Anonymous said: BTS reaction to you squirting pls Answer: Namjoon: NamDaddy would certainly be overjoyed that he managed to make his babygirl/boy squirt. Jin: Watches you in the act. Jungkook: As he scrolled he noticed that every selfie was similar to his and he would compare them and set a bait for you. 3 May 2019 BTS Reaction: They see a pregnant fan at their signing. Prologue: you remembered screaming out your boyfriend’s name as well as the others at the top of your lungs suddenly you couldn’t hear your voice anymore you begin to freak out. by atricksterwithwings* . You quickly noticed your mistake and your once brave facade falters. “Kim request: “BTS reaction to you getting turned on in public!!! ” Kim Seokjin His eyes would be fixed on you as you licked whip cream from your finger that – of course - accidently got on them from your tub of ice cream. Jimin: His face would drop from amusement to serious in one swift motion. ᵂᵃʳⁿⁱⁿᵍ! ⁻ ᵏⁱⁿᵈᵃ ᵐᵃᵗᵘʳᵉ ᶜᵒⁿᵗᵉⁿᵗ. You would stand up realizing it was your turn, and grab a purple ball. Also a little bit of angst ahead! <3 Seokjin You watched Jin from across the room as the young girl applied his make-up. J-hope: He just fell in love with you all over again. ” You said voice quiet as you looked down at your hands. This of course made the other 6 boys turn their head towards the two of you. Panicked he drove to a hospital with hopes the doctors would reassure him it wasnt much. BTS reaction to their S/O being deadly afraid of Freddy Krueger to the point you can’t sleep at night Thinking he was going to be gone for at least a couple hours, you decide to cram a whole night into it. Jimin: ‘’Ok, you’re going to change this instant. Yoongi would actually like your frankness and that you say things without thinking too much about them. He pulled you close, kissing the top of your head. BTS reaction to their S/O celebrating day of the dead . Anon said: Hi there, can you do bts reactions to gf flinching/scared of them during an argument-if you haven’t done one already please accept this request- hope you have a nice day. I adore you) • Namjoon: Namjoon always knew you were talented musically, but having BTS Reaction to you struggling to find your major in college Seokjin Jin isn’t a stranger to feeling a little lost at times, but he can’t quite relate to the level of hopelessness you feel. Yoongi looks at you with concern in his eyes thinking something's wrong. I know this is a rather delicate subject so I want to let every single one of you that’s reading this know that if you’re struggling with Request - Hey! Can you please do BTS Reaction to a sudden confession of love?? Jin. Thank you 😊 here we go ^o^ ~ Jin: Yeah. Request: mukemaloxx ⇒Bts reaction to rumors that you cheated on him, and you have a rough argument and they say horrible things and hurt your feelings, to after discover the rumors were fake and they should have believed you? BTS reaction to You asking to shower with them. Promoted - Advertise. Not just to you, but to your son too. A/N: HI! Thank you for sending in a request! I hope you like this and it’s what you were thinking of! ℕ핒핞핛할할핟 Originally posted by joonsoulmap. To be better each time. Jin would put his arms around you, pull you closer and letting BTS REACTION - You being sick Namjoon (RM) You got woken up to the clings and clangs coming from outside the bedroom. Suga: BTS reaction to you, their s/o, having self-harm scars. thank you for the request!!! (spoiler, they all find you yerr((also these are so long im sorry also also sorry for any typos i didn’t proofread this oof) He would be mad and annoyed. Anonymous Requested: “Hello! can i ask for BTS (werewolf) reaction they’re horny and the reader notice as their eye color change. cuddling. Kim Seokjin (Jin) BTS reaction to their S/O winning a gold medal + breaking a record in figure skating at the olympics. Everybody attacking you with water guns, aiming at you, and not thinking it twice before soaking your body. You take a piece of your food and bend down to feed it . You warm your shower up just the right temperature and light some candles to set the mood just right. He’d want to forget the whole fight and comfort you. BTS Reaction: You Leave the House After a Fight Jin: His heart would break as soon as he saw the tears in your eyes. But if you could please do the BTS rapper line reaction to their girlfriend starting to sneak out of the house late at night (while she thinks he’s sleeping) and they think she’s cheating but really she’s been secretly having underground rap battles and she’s an undefeated champion. A/N: Hi I’m back for good now I missed you all enjoy! BACKGROUND: You both had gotten in an argument over nothing. he always compilments the other members and is just a little sunshine tbh. You would turn around just to see a big, burly man smirking at your ass. Happy reading! x- Bts “Cheating” on you-Reaction Requested by anon This is like a mini scenario/reaction scenario: You have been seen with a guy. bts reaction: you ask them to teach you how to give a blowjob thank you for your request, hun! hope you enjoy it! xx → masterlist → commissions & donations jin: jin’s eyes would widen at your question BTS REACTION: You welcome them home with a heated makeout session. BTS Reaction: You Leave After an Argument in a Short Dress. Sorry for not posting this week so far, I was a bit stressed because of school…school is actually so stressing when it is the last two weeks as we arrange group pictures and have to get dressed for it and everything and yeah…the scary thing is…next week Friday is my last school day ever before I have my oral BTS - Reaction To Thinking Their Crush/S. neck. Make Your Own Inspiration (Writing Tips) The easiest way to find inspiration is to make it yourself. Bts reaction S/o passing out. He was sitting on the other side of the table. BTS Reaction-You do his hair ‍♂️. ’’ Like hell would he ever let someone look at you at that. your heart pounded thinking about what you were going to tell  15 Apr 2018 BTS Reaction: They see you depressed after you broke up with them Just thinking about you alone in your room crying your heart out made  27 Jul 2017 BTS Reaction: You think you are 'fat' or 'chubby' First off, I'd like to say that I doubt any of them would care if you were plus sized and would still . warning, it will probably contain mostly my preferenced ships heheh BTS Reaction to being shipped with their crush Remember, as of now requests are open. ” Suga: He brought an ice pack for you so you could put it on your cheek “Y/N what were you hello-btsfangirl said: Bts reaction to their gf with big boobs wearing no bra and asking them to hold up her boobs because they are so heavy 😂 Answer: Uh, @hello-btsfangirl – you can hold up your own Bts reaction : When you wear really short shorts. Despite you thinking he was asleep, since you had started sleeping together he noticed how you would slip out from his grasp every morning, going to fix your hair and add a little makeup before he saw you. Sure thing! I’m gonna make it a “reaction to BTS’s girlfriends getting hit on” I’m so excited about these requests I’m getting from y’all ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I hope you like it!! BTS: Reaction to their girlfriends getting hit on~Jealousy ♥ Jin: He thought today was the perfect day. Jin was thinking of having a new hair style and cutting it but you were not going to have the same as what happened last time he cut his hair. “I think it's best if we broke up. The last thing Namjoon expected when he came home was you to leap into his arms the moment he stepped foot in the door BTS Reaction - Clenching around them during sex bts-imagine-factory: “NSFW. BTS reaction to you telling them you want to have rough sex. V: If I can’t be in Cypher Part 5, you must do it,” he’s say as he got down on his knees and began to worship you. S e o k j I n. Read This 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 Thinking Meme BTS 25 BTS Reaction: Seeing you squirt for the first time. BTS reaction: you prank them with a fake hickey. Then before you could even attempt to bring yourself back, you felt your breathing becoming more and more uneven and then you knew there was no going back. Short background: He had come home way later than had promised again. You instantly sink into your seat a little, thinking you may be the problem. Namjoon was in the kitchen drinking some water, and then you walked in. “ I’m sorry baby girl do you want to repeat that”. As requested by @totoros-flying-delivery-service here you go my love :) AND as usual hope you all have a good day, please send me some requests for reactions/preferences or just send me a message if ya wanna chat, I DON’T BITE BTS Reaction: you’re really cuddly This wasn’t requested I just want to write it aha MASTERLISTREQUEST HERESeokjin: He’d find it the cutest thing ever, and become all smiley whenever you wanted to BTS Reaction-Spanking You! (18+) hey @ibroyo here is your request if you hate it, i’ll give it another shot! This was borderline on weather we wanted to make this or not. Namjoon: You were sitting with the rest of the boys, when your best friend stepped in surprising you at the fact she was here. Fans automatically assume the worst. Bts Reaction to you being independent but also into skinship (FIXED) Bts Reaction to you wanting to spend the night with old friends (Boys&Girls) (FIXED) Bts Reaction to you being overly cuddly (FIXED) Bts Reaction to you not wanting them to meet your parents (FIXED) Bts Reaction to you getting matching spray tattoos w/ different member (FIXED) BTS Reaction - You Asking Them To Tickle You Request: BTS reaction to you asking them to tickle you (do it fluffyyyyy plssss, my bestie would love thissss!! ️ ️ Thank you 💖💖 Jin: You two were cooking BTS Reaction To You Shaking During Sex. “Yeah! 21 Feb 2018 Almost as soon as you sit down, Hoseok lets out an audible sigh. Please check my Request Guide to know what I write and for who I write! :) I’m going to change it in a way I Today you were at BTS’ concert, waiting for the boys to come on stage. mafia!BTS reaction when they get overprotective & jealous (F + M) (requested by anon: They’re simply confessing for the first time to the reader… Maybe smthng else… I have no idea, you decide, you can change everything if you want… BTS Reaction - You Getting Sick After Your First Time Seokjin - When you’d run off after your first time and start being sick Jin wouldn’t waste anytime and would immediately try to help you. “There she goes, making trouble for me again. BTS reaction to their S/O watching anime . A/N ~ Explicit Sex + Language. BTS Reaction: You walking in on them showering Jin He was proudly screaming singing in the shower when you walked in, he didn’t hear you. Jin- He would be walking around looking for his favorite hoodie and then see you in it and smile his cute perfect smile before walking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist, placing his head on your shoulder before telling you that he was looking for it. Possibly from the kitchen but you were sure because you were still drowsy from the BTS reaction to you defending them. ti kinda love this idea, thanks to @notmoose23 for requesting it :) here ya go ma lovely! basically the idea of this is that Y/N admits she gets turned on by her boyfriend (a member) getting down with another member. BTS’ reaction to their s/o disappearing and they find them wrapped in blankets, creating a blanket burrito. He’d let you tell him everything that was on your mind, BTS reaction to you wanting them to touch your boobs. Bts Hyung line reaction to you being cuddly / clingy . He’d play you a song he wrote and tell you that you are his! J-Hope: He’d be really silly about asking you out, he’d make a joke about it first to gauge your reaction and if it was positive he’d yell out how happy is that you are his. You didn’t even notice because you had already buried your head in Namjoon’s neck, enjoying his heat. The weather was too warm so you changed into a small crop top and a pair of short shorts. You had wrapped yourself in about three blankets and were now struggling to sit up to watch TV. You glared at him until the elevator’s doors opened up and got in, him following behind, watching your every reaction. When he found you he pinned you down and decided to have a serious talk with you. he never knew how uncomfortable you felt in your own skin. and if you’re ever in a relationship w domestic or psychological violence: get help!no matter what he or she is threatening you w; tell someone, call the police and leave them. I love your writing so much girl! You are so good, and I hope you never stop writing. J-hope/Hoseok. Being Weird is Adorable As requested :) Seokjin: You were a total foodie, just like your boyfriend. This was requested by @bigbangishome. He didn’t care at the time, but when he went to go get a drink at the bar and overheard He thought he had made you think the same way about yourself and so he started to lay off exercising as much too. Originally posted by hobies BTS Reaction To Their s/o Roasting Yoongi May I please request a BTS reaction where you their usually quiet girlfriend gets hyper, and roasts yoongi? Thank you 😘 Requested by anon Y’all sorry if I BTS - Reaction to You Resting Your Head on Their Chest When You Think They Are Asleep As Requested. Almost didn’t sleep for a week because of the midnight sun (literally the sun is You had sat on his lap without even thinking—despite there being more than enough room on the couch he was sitting on. You broke my trust and i can’t go on like this so I’m breaking up with you. BTS Reaction to calling you kitten (non-smut) (Hyung line) So I may or may not think that this is literally the cutest pet name you could ever give anyone soooo…. I hope Phyci: Are you ready for the first question, asked by the leader of BTS?~ (ノ ヮ )ノ*:・゚ You: *nods with a smile* RM: *grins back with those majestic dimples* (bow to the king) “What would be your reaction if you saw BTS in real life?” BTS reacting to getting a boner while cuddling with you. Anonymous said: Hello! Do you think that the BTS members' would mind if their girlfriend had any type of body hair (arms, legs, pubes, etc. BTS Reaction to You Sleeping In Their Bed While You're Sick A/N: There’s so many reactions that are going to come out this week, heads up baby stars! Keep smiling and I hope you enjoy this and your fakesmilesnohope said: Can you please do a Bts reaction of them accidentally reading your journal and they find out that you really don't like yourself and are depressed and they want to do whatever BTS Reaction To You Being Bratty For The First Time. *does little dance* Bts reaction to you using the safe word Request: Bts reaction to hearing you say the safe word during rough sex with them Genre: smut/angst A/N: I am so happy my ask box isn’t dusty anymore Jin When Bts reaction to them wanting to give you a piggy back ride but refusing because you're insecure of your weight seokjin: Jin would be a little surprised by you saying you didnt want a piggy back ride BTS reaction to you getting turned on by a BTS ship. I know for sure that Suga is funny as hell LOL #BTS #BTSArmy #Suga SUBSCRIBE FOR MY VIDEOS Never miss a video BTS Reaction | Touching themselves (thinking you’re sleeping) Request; Can you do a reaction when they touch themselves next to you thinking you were asleep, please? @love2laughlive2love said : I always put in requests but no one ever seems to do them :/. Originally posted by hopefulhurricane. ” he sighed “why?” You felt tears begin to roll down your cheeks “because they said things that weren’t true. “Wanna, stay here for a while?” The two of you play with the little puppy and feed it. Jin: Originally posted by jinakin *chokes you to near death* “Give it back woman!” Ah situations like this are dangerous and you shouldn’t act without thinking, seriously food can cost your life. Jin: He was lost in thought when he realized what he had done wrong. You wanted to take a shower after a long day, You were tired and little irritated, so when Your boyfriend Namjoon kept jokingly nagging You, following You around and asking many questions, you said in sarcastic tone: “Do You want to take a shower with me?” The request: Hello sweetie can you do a yandere bts reaction of their s/o being innocent/pure. He would have created this whole idea of your friends loving him as much BTS reaction to their S/O having ADD/ADHD. The argument had soon turned to the outfit you were about to go out in causing you to leave after the argument you had just had…. A temporary interruption in your conversation was bound to happen eventually… but a loud moan wasn’t what he had expected it to be. Requests; Can you do a bts reaction to them talking with you about the fact that you admitted that you had a big crush on them whilst drunk? The morning after you confessed?? Can you do a bts reaction were you are drunk and you tell them that you like them for a long time?? Thanks. He’d laugh when you accidently roll of the bed, not able to get up. ‘There is no way i’m letting you cut your own hair Oppa! You cut it wonky first and think of how much trouble you got in!’ request: BTS reaction when you’re not good at confessing cuz you’re too embarrassed to expose your feelings so you just go straight to the point and kiss them ? Thanks (Thank you so much for the reaction request!!!! I hope you enjoy it!!) masterlist | groups I write for •Jin- Originally posted by jjilljj BTS Reaction- To You Stealing Their Hoodies. BTS Reaction: Their crush (you) getting drunk and accidently confessing your love @purplepokemons said: Bts reaction to their crush getting drunk and conffesing their love the the member thinking Bts reaction to you eating the last slice of pizza: This is gonna be short because umm. BTS Reaction - Someone Hits On Their S/oYour boyfriend had called earlier in the day and told you to dress up because you were going out to eat together. I don’t care that it;s midnight and I haven’t prepared for my tests, I had so much fun with this! ☾ ☾ ☾ Kim Seokjin: His fingers traced down the curves of your body as the sunlight tried getting into your room through the curtains. A Member Walks In On You Both Thinking You BTS reaction to their GF that’s usually very polite and happy breaking down after finding out a family member passed away Request: I was wondering (if they’re open) if you could do a BTS reaction to A Member Walks In On You Both Thinking You’re Doing Dirty Things bts bts imagine bts reaction bts reactions bts scenario bts scenarios bts drabble bts fluff bts BTS reaction to kissing their crush ~ requested by anon ~ Seokjin ~ When you came to visit Jin you didn’t plan for you to stay that long. He rolled his eyes jokingly, thinking you were just being the meme you are. BTS admiring you and you’re pregnant belly. Anon asked: Could u do a BTS reaction where ur stretching out ur arms and moaning rly loud in the process. You dont exactly remember what happened, at that moment you became dizzy and slowly let gravity pull you down . So, you decide to experiment and send him a risky text with daddy in it, following Jin’s tips. Bts member decides to hire an When you came through the door he would be “Im glad you`re back safe, but you should not be out this late…especially when i`m not there to protect you”. *This post just shows how thirsty I am. but just as good Bts reaction to you being scared of them during an argument. Masterlist - Mobile Masterlist. Read at your own risk! Your name: submit What is this? ⬑ Use this to enter your own name, and have it magically change every nct reaction to you thinking you’re fat *yuta* as we know, yuta’s a pretty positive person. Bts reaction “How would bts react to them raising their hand during a fight and you flinched thinking they were going to hit you” Jin: Jin wouldn't know what he  24 Apr 2019 Request: Can I request a bts reaction to them hitting you playfully but their kid sees that and think that they hurt you seriously so they defend  1 Jul 2017 But if you could please do the BTS rapper line reaction to their girlfriend starting to sneak out of the house late at night (while she thinks he's  28 Jul 2018 request; switch it up with bts reacting to you almost cheating bc angst . but you couldn’t stop thinking about what could happen if they didn’t. BTS - Reaction to you initiating a tickle fight, then you getting wrecked (SFW) A/N: I hope this is good! Sorry for the wait as well, I hope it makes up for it! BTS Reaction: Them trying to set you up with Jungkook when you are already dating. " Lee Yan Hong Head, Group Human Resources DBS Bank BTS Reaction - When they see you become jealous - A/N: Hey guys! It’s been such a long time but I’m finally back >_ Reaction: Hi! What about BTS reacting to you wanting them to be so rough with you you’re covered in bruises and bitemarks? Thanks! I really love your blog! I want to warn you that by bruising I don’t mean domestic violence or anything. :) Seokjin: It was already past midnight when you realized that you forgot a key to your apartment. Masterlist. What does bts think of you. Heeey guys, thanks for all the requests I am getting first of all. ɴᴀᴍᴊᴏᴏɴ. It has been requested by an anon. request: Hiiii! Can I please request a Yandere!BTS x small and innocent reader reaction where she believes everything they tell her, never tried to run away, never talks to anyone besides them, and does whatever they ask her to. She’s so sweet. One thing that others found a bit odd which you happened BTS Reaction | them saying something hurtful to you and you start crying. BTS Reaction | Face riding Request; bts reaction to you wanting to ride their face but you’re a little insecure and turned them down in the past because of your thighs. He’s going to make you tea and set you up on the couch with a blanket, tissues, and your favorite movie bts reaction: to you crying ~ thank you so much for all your support, feel free to ask me anything :) ~ You had been living in Korea for a while now but you can’t help but miss your family back at BTS reaction to their S/O being super innocent ~ requested by @sugas-illegirl ~ Seokjin ~ It was late at night and all you did was sit on the couch comfortably, your boyfriends arms wrapped around you BTS Reacts: You Having Cuts And Burns From The Kitchen “anon: Could I request a BTS reaction to them seeing their GF’s hands and arms covered in little burns, cuts and scars from working in a kitchen? BTS reaction to you being a rape victim in the past. the last thing he wanted was you thinking he was accusing you of anything. Jimin: He watches you and smiles to himself. BTS reaction to you, a fan, having self-harm scars. let me know if i should include gifs from now on or not (: happy reading loves xx BTS reaction to you calling them daddy. BTS reaction to fighting real bad with their S/O and scaring your kid(s) Warnings: None I think. Maknae line. During the award show you sat next to Jin at the round table which was packed with the rest of the members and their particular plus one. Come BTS Reaction Blog. You confessing to them while while drunk + the morning after. “Cheating is not something i can tolerate. BTS Reaction To You Crying From Missing them. Anything you want! BTS reaction | you have a panic attack. Can you do a bts reaction to their girlfriend being bisexual ? He can’t stop imagining you with another girl, thinking that no one understands a woman’s body First up, perfection doesn’t exist, it’s just something people view as a standard that everyone tries to get closer to. notes: for the lovely person who requested this! i decided to do something different and do a gif reaction instead and i also tried to keep this as gender neutral as possible. Hoseok would be pretty stunned. Request: BTS reaction to you wanting them to feel your boobs after you showered because youre think they are soft and want to see if them think so too - @hello-btsfangirl. Rap Monster: He would be thinking about all the things that could happen if you break up or if you say no. bts reaction to you sitting on their lap… anon said : Bts reacting to you sitting on their lap smudging their faces calling them cute please :3 Namjoon: He stayed still when you sat on his lap, his hands coming up to lightly hold onto your hips. btsreaction, parkjimin, kimtae real talk though, i can’t imagine bts ever hitting their s/o. I know this is a rather delicate subject so I want to let every single one of you that’s reading this know that if you’re struggling with BTS Reaction | When you won’t tell them why you’re crying constantly Thank you for requesting! (* ᴗ *) But if you ever feel really down and need somebody to talk to or you feel alone, I’m always up to BTS REACTION. *gifs are not mine* Namjoon: Surprised. BTS Reaction To: You slipping into little space for the first timeLet’s assume for the sake of this reaction that all the guys are doms/already know you’re a little and what little space is lmao BTS Reaction to you calling them daddy RM ; Kim Namjoon You both are very open with each other when it comes to what works for both of you sexually. i’m sure your country has helplines and websites to help you and don’t ever be ashamed to avail of those services. You were looking for your favorite lotion, when Jin turns BTS reaction: To you being insecure about being chubby *REQUESTED* JINJin was walking past the bedroom and noticed you in your underwear. <3 Namjoon. A/N: So the links I have on the songs are just female covers that you could use for your own imagination when it comes to your scenario (: But here are the links to the actual songs that were used for each reaction, in case you want to give them a listen: Jin’s reaction, Yoongi’s reaction, Hoseok’s reaction, Namjoon’s reaction bts reaction: they spank you/tie you up thank you for your request, hun! I hope you like it xx → masterlist → commissions & donations jin: jin was slowly thrusting into you, placing soft kisses on BTS’ reaction to you barely wearing any clothing when you sleep How BTS would react to finding out you wear pretty ‘risky’ clothes when you sleep. He ended up taking you bowling for the day. Sign up Log in. BTS reaction to you thinking you are a nuisance for them due to an op Request from @petalskook: Hello! I do not know if the orders are open, if so I can (if not just ignore this) request a reaction BTS reaction to you thinking men only love women for their bodies & sex - Anon asked: hey, can you write bts reaction to you not believing that men are capable for loving a woman for anything other BTS Reaction ; Thinking You Cheated. )? Like, how would they react to it?? Bts Reaction to seeing you in lingerie after a long day Jungkook : * bites lip* ( Y/n), let daddy take that off of you Suga : * devilish grin * “ I’ve been thinking about this all day, Jagi. Whats up family, so for todays video we have 'Imagine thinking Yoongi isnt funny'. BTS Reaction┊You accidentally say something inappropriate in Korean You pointed at a dress farther back in the store and told him that you were thinking of yandere!mafia boss bts reaction to their s/o escaping *req. stubby-the-dean requested: Could I request a reaction of the BTS members trying to set you up with Jungkook, but BTS Reaction to finding out their girlfriend has a cute sneeze. BTS Reaction: You Have A Quiet Voice Jin: You snuggled into Jin’s side, feeling his arm wrap around your body. Hi, This Is Your First Time With BTS, right? Alison. it honestly ended up like more of a BTS Request: Reaction To Finding Out That You’ve Tried To Commit Suicide In The Past Trigger Warning- sensitive content- suicide attempt If you or someone you know is struggling please don’t suffer in BTS reaction to you wearing a small top with a big cleavage and all the other guys are looking at you. Now I am going to answer this based off what I know about them and how I think they would react. BTS reaction to you sitting on their lap randomly (bc you’re tired) Requested by @kim-tae-ki Request open! Jin He would not mind it all. Rm: “Y/N! Why would you even get into a fight?!” You looked away “I don’t regret it. You should know better to ever think he would ever sneak around with another person. He would be such a sweetheart, cheering you on and helping with your stance. Jin . Scene - It been two days since you’ve talked to your boyfreind. “If you’re thinking I won’t love you anymore because of your body, you’re wrong,” Yoongi spoke up, making you stare at him in surprise. BTS Reaction to - You sleeping half naked HOSEOK: Coming home from a long day of practice he’d see you peacefully sleeping on the couch. You took a deep breath, knowing this was going to be a long night. ex. Anyways thank you for requesting we love that you guys are requesting. BTS reaction: Someone touches you. You giggled at one of his dad jokes, he smiles proudly BTS Reaction to Thinking You Cheated. You ran off and began to cry. 3 Oct 2018 BTS Reactions - You think they've lost interest in youYou feel tears welling up in your eyes and you have to turn away from the movie playing  20 Oct 2018 BTS Reaction To: You Realizing That They Don't Love You AnymoreWarnings: angst, No, no, you thought. Once you pried, he revealed that he accidentally broke one of your possessions. The gifs make my heart hurt a little. Request: “Hello! I’m so glad you figured something out! Could you do the boys reacting to their girlfriend laughing like them? BTS reacting to you doing the pepero challenge with a male co-star *none of these gif belong to me * [[MORE]]rapmonster : once you break away from the male co-star, showing 1 cm of pepero left he 17 Aug 2018 BTS Reaction to thinking you don't care after a bad day but you surprise them THIS REACTION WAS WRITTEN BY POSSIBLE ADMIN Sa  3 Jun 2019 Could you please do a BTS scenario when you move them to the point of I think the bts reaction to the reader liking them but they like their  16 Jun 2018 BTS reaction to their s/o thinking they cheated Request; Could I get some angst… mc has a misunderstanding and thinks bts is seeing  20 Nov 2017 BTS Reaction to you not wanting to be lifted up because you think you're too heavy- (for anon) Jin- When Jin tried to playfully lift you up off the  14 Oct 2018 BTS Reaction ▾ You tell them you've never had a boyfriend before them Warnings: Swearing (? I think?) Jin:You gape at the sight before you. bts reaction to you thinking

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